Pain Management

As part of my ongoing education I just finished a course called "Pain Management through Improving Function" and I wanted to share some very interesting statistics with you:

According to a national survey published in the South Medical Journal from 2010 by Breuer et al, more people with back pain consulted a complementary doctor than a conventional medical provider, with chiropractic being the most commonly used provider!
Notably 67% of the patients rated chiropractic as "very helpful" whereas 27% rated their conventional provider as "very helpful".    The word is getting out!

Another positive note was some research published noted the unbelievable cancer fighting properties of Garlic:
Nonsmokers who ate a diet rich in garlic were 33 % less likely to develop lung cancer than those who ate none. Consuming garlic releases sulfuric compounds that may prevent cell mutations and tumor growth. Even people who ate as few as 3 cloves a week saw a reduction in risk. And a spanish study shower that purple garlic has more of the sulfur compounds than other garlic varieties. Try tossing some raw garlic into fresh salads or even toss a clove into your smoothie with Kale- it is delicious!! 

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