Does Cleaning Equal Disinfecting?

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If I Clean Something Well, Is it Also Disinfected?

One CDC recommendation for curbing the spread of COVID-19 is to clean and disinfect things well – especially frequently-contacted areas of your home.

What are those areas?
Things like refrigerator doors, light switches, door knobs, remote controls, handles, toilet, sinks – you know what gets a lot of use in your household.

How do you clean and disinfect them? Cleaning is using soap or some kind of household cleanser to wash off the area thoroughly. But make sure you rinse it well so the germs are also removed, not just moved around, because soap doesn’t always kill them. 

That’s where disinfectant comes in. They’re labeled very clearly, usually on the front of the bottle. “Kills germs 99%!
You can also disinfect with simple solutions of 60% alcohol or 3% hydrogen peroxide. Just stray or rub them on surfaces – kitchen surfaces too – and they kill the germs almost on contact.

This helps keep you and your family safe! 

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