Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy

As many of you know, healthcare is in many ways far advanced in Europe.
Acoustic Sound Wave Therapy is a technology that has been used very successfully to fight chronic pain from degenerative joint and tendon pains over the last 20 years. I researched this modality over the last several months and I am happy to announce that I now have one of these units here in my Santa Monica office!

It is an astounding therapy that literally knocks out old painful issues such as Heel Spurs, Frozen Shoulders, Degenerative Knee Pain, Hip Pain, Bursitis and the like in only 3-8 sessions.

The results are absolutely amazing! We are getting the greatest testimonials.
If you or anyone you know suffers from any of these type of conditions, I urge you to call the office or write and I will send you more information about this treatment.  

Or, even better, come to the office and I will be glad to show you how this works. You will be amazed!!

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